Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces – Color Half Set


  • King Height: 3.75″


Wow–Fun! Our Heavy Tournament Pieces Now Come in Colors!

These Heavy Tournament chess pieces are the same size, style, and weight as our regular Heavy Tournament Pieces only in a variety of fun colors. The pieces are easy to play and their weight makes them perfect for regular or blitz games.

The King is 3 3/4 ” tall and has a 1 1/2 ” base. These pieces are nicely weighted–two half sets, (which make up one full set,) weigh well over 2 pounds. Each half set comes with 17 pieces of the same color so you get the bonus of an extra queen. Be sure to order two colors so you will have a complete set for both sides of the board.

Half set with 17 chess pieces (extra queen included)
Felt paper base
Meet all tournament standards


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