Basic Club Chess Pieces – Color Half Set


  • King Height: 3.75″
  • King Base: 1.50″
  • King Weight: 27g
  • Weighted?: No
  • Piece Material: Plastic
  • Extra Queens?: Yes


These plastic chess pieces are the same size, style, and weight as our Basic Club Chess Pieces only in a variety of fun colors. These chess pieces meet all chess tournament standards and regulations. They are a standard Staunton design and have a 3¾” tall King with a 1½” base. They are just like our Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces but without the extra weight and cost.

  • Half set with 17 chess pieces (extra queen included)
  • Felt paper base
  • Meet all tournament standards

These pieces are sold with 17 pieces of the same color. Choose two colors to make a complete set.


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